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Metallic Foils Range

Available in a metallic foil finish on cow hides. These are colourfast and can be used for various applications such as footwear, garments, bags, belts and accessories.

Substances available in, .5/.7, .7/.9, and 1.0/1.2mm.

Colours available, Bronze, Silver, Platinum, Gunmetal and Gold. Please contact us for colour samples.


High shine patent leather ideal for footwear, bags, belts and accessories.

Substance .9/1.1mm.

Colours available, Black and White.

Fancy Prints

European designed prints in Reptiles, Crocodile, linen and other imaginable effects and colours.

Please contact us to check availability.

Pig Lining

Available in 6 colours, substance .6/.8mm.

Soft light and strong leather ideal for Footwear, Bags and Belt linings, Leathergoods and garments etc.


Available in Black/Brown/Red and White. Substance 1.2/1.4mm.

(Non stock colours available are Sky, Cobalt, Fuchsia, Green, Beige, Cream, Orange, Brick, Purple, Bordo and Grape. Please check for availability)

Soft and pliable cow nappa ideal for Bags, Footwear, Belts, Motor Cycle Garments and Accessories.

Jersey Suede

Currently available in Black, Chocolate, Sand, Grey, Red, Navy and Tan

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